"Helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Build Wildly Engaging Story Based Webinars, Workshops, and Presentations That Convert"

Build Wildly Engaging Story Based Webinars, Workshops, and Presentations That Convert"

Hi There!

My name is Steve Werner, and these are my rules:

Rule 1: It Has To Be Fun

Rule 2: I get Paid On Performance

   To make sure that you get the most out of booking a call with me, please take a moment to discover who I am and how we can work together.


What I Can Do For You

"I'm a conversion consultant that can reliably add 47% to 128% To your sales from Webinars, Workshops and Live (or virtual) Events."

I Help You With The Entire High Ticket flywheel:

I Help You With The Entire High Ticket flywheel:

  • Marketing to make sure that the right people show up to hear you.
  • Building your best presentation that pre-frames your high ticket sale (and makes you look like amazing in the process)
  • Coaching you on the delivery of your presentation line by line to make sure you are the very best version of yourself while maximizing sales. (never worry about looking bad or losing sales again)
  • Dialing in your offer so that it stands out and stops price comparison while naturally overcoming objections and solving pain points.
  • Closing sales without high pressure tactics using stories, pre-framing and NLP

... and because I get paid primarily on performance, what I do is tied to your results.  You can rest easy knowing that if you don't make money, I don't make money.

What I Bring To The Table

I Have A Rare Point of View:

I have a strong skill set developed from more than 17,000 hours studying marketing, breaking down and building presentations as well as holding more than 70 live events... 

Not to mention 100s of happy consulting clients and millions in sales from the stage - this is why clients hire me. 

What I Do Is Not For Everyone

I have a firm stance on Quality over Quantity - Because my income is directly tied to the success of my clients, I am very selective about who I work with.  

Most of my clients are at the million dollar level and above and are already holding events, webinars and workshops - I come in and as much as double their sales.

Code of Conduct

Rule 1: Working Together Has to Be Fun For Both of Us.

Life is too short to work with people we don't enjoy spending time with. If we wouldn't enjoy going to dinner and a show together, we probably shouldn't work together. 

"I only work with people that smile and have a good time while working hard, doing something they love."

Rule 2: I get paid primarily on performance.

I am not cheap - I don't work for free, I don't do trades, and I don't give discounts. 

That being said, most of my income comes as a percentage of sales - simply stated, if you don't make money, I don't make money.  

"Because my income is tied to the results of my clients, I usually only work with clients that are already holding events and at the million dollar level"

Next Steps

Book A Short Call With Me Below

You can book a short call with me below to see specifically how I can help you with your webinar, workshop or event.  

This is not a coaching call - This is a call for me to show you how we can work together to add up to 128% to your bottom line...

From there, if we both feel that we are a good fit, I will generate a agreement for services and we will book a consulting day to scope out your specific plan.  I don’t do proposals - Please do not ask for one. 
 I have read and agree to the Code of Conduct. 

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